Why is your car paint discolored?

Sep 19, 2022

Have you ever experienced discoloration of your car paint? This is a headache because it directly affects the aesthetics

of the car's surface.


So why does the paint change color?

    1. Park your car in an open parking lot without any shelter. Car paint can cause damage and discoloration when

exposed to sunlight for a long time, especially white ordinary car paint, which is more prone to yellowing;


2. Long storage period, discoloration of precipitation, uneven stirring before construction, especially finished paint;


3. The product has expired


4. The color masterbatch toning ratio is incorrect, or the diluent ratio is incorrect;


5. The quality of automotive coating products is too poor, such as the use of resins with poor weather resistance;


6. The construction environment does not meet the spraying operation standards, and chemical reactions occur with pollutants in the environment, resulting in changes in the original color and brightness;


   To sum up, when you buy paint, please pay attention to screening, choose high-quality products, pay attention to the shelf life, and the construction personnel must strictly follow the construction principles when spraying to avoid secondary construction quality problems.


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