Why does car paint peel off?

Sep 05, 2022

There are many reasons for car paint peeling off, one is external collision or exposure, and the other is caused by 

internal causes, that is, in the process of painting, the professionalism of constructionor the quality of the product

itself is caused.Next, let's talk about the reasons for auto coating peelingcaused by internal factors:


1.The surface of the lath before painting is not clean, and there are still moisture, oil, dust, sand, etc.,and these

pollutants will reduce the adhesion of the paint layer and the substrate. If the substrate is too smooth, it will also

affect the adhesion of the vehicle varnish film;


2. Improper handling of metal, improper use of anti-rust epoxy primer, uneven mixing of paint;


3. When spraying primer, the primer film is too thick and hard;



4. Spray the topcoat immediately before the primer is dry;


5. The paint quality is too poor, and the adhesion between the basecoat and the topcoat is not high. It is 

recommended to use high-quality products and matching thinners;


 6. The construction environment does not meet the requirements, the humidity is too high, the temperature is too

high or too low.



To sum up, in the process of construction and spraying, you must be careful to avoid repainting in the future; 

in case of coating  peeling, remember to repaint in time, because it will continue to expand the area of paint 

removal over time.

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