Why are 10 paints and coatings?

Oct 17, 2022

Why are 10 paints and coatings?



The following are 10 reasons and 10 common knowledge of paint and coating that every paint and coating practitioner should know.


Why can't solid paint be tinted with color essence?


Because the color component of solid color paint is mainly composed of pigments, while the color essence is composed of dyes, without covering power. If the color essence is used in


the solid color paint to adjust the color, the color tone is not obvious, and floating color is easy to occur. The color masterbatch is used in the High solid color paint to adjust the color.


2. Why should automobile paint be fully stirred during construction?


Paints and coatings are mixtures of resins, pigments, solvents, etc. He is not a solution. Pigments and matt powder in the matt paint are dispersed inthe paint solution. Therefore, there


is usually a certain degree of subsidence during storage, forming the commonly described paint layering. Therefore,paint shall be fully mixed before mixing. (The paints that must be


mixed include matt paint, transparent colored surface, solid color paint and wood grain treasure)


3. Why is the same bucket of matt varnish shiny when it is first used. But later, its glossiness became

lower and lower, until finally, it became completely dumb?


Because after a period of storage, the matt varnish will slowly deposit its matt powder, and a large amount of matt powder will gather at the lower part of the whole barrel of paint, and


the closer to the barrel bottom, the closer to the barrel bottom, the more matt powder will gather. When using paint, if the whole barrel of paint is not stirred or is not stirred sufficiently,


it will be illuminated into a barrel of paint, and the content of matting powder in different parts is different, which will lead to the phenomenon that the whole barrel of paint will be


brighter at the beginning of use, and its gloss will be lower and lower when the bottom layer of paint is used


4. Why does oil escape during spraying?


Oil leakage is caused by poor wettability of paint and coating on the surface to be coated or high surface tension.


5. Why do bubbles and pinholes occur during paint spraying?


Many bubbles, large and small, first appear on the surface of the coating, and then the bubbles break or wear out when the paint film is grinded, forming small holes like pinholes. It is


because there is gas in the coating, which breaks through the coating to form bubbles, and then breaks or abrades to form pinholes. When the drying speed of the surface layer of the


coating is slightly higher than that of the interior, when the surface layer has started to condense and the internal solvent or air is still evaporating, it will break through the surface layer


of the coating to form bubbles.


6. Why does the paint crack?


The hardness of the finish paint is too high, the flexibility is poor, the coating is too thick, the surface layer is applied without drying thoroughly, there are too many Quick Drying


Hardener, the surface layer is too dry, the coating is not matched, the hardness difference of the bottom layer is too large, the coating is expired, the pigment and resin are layered,


the mixing is uneven and easy to crack, and the environment is bad.


7. Why does car paint produce orange peel?


Because the solvent volatilizes quickly, the leveling of the paint is not good; Large nozzle diameter and high viscosity; The uneven surface treatment of the coated object affects the


leveling of the paint; Or the thinner is not matched.


8. Why does light loss sometimes occur when spraying finish paint?


The surface of the coated object is wet or has substances such as acid, alkali and salt; The surface of the coated object is rough in Mandarin, with large absorption of the coating, and


the coating is too thin; The environmental humidity on site is high, more than 90%, and the coating is easy to whiten and lose light; The amount of diluent is too large.


9. When spraying silver powder paint, why does the surface sometimes have flowers?


Paint viscosity may be too low; The spraying air pressure is too high. It is recommended to reduce the oil volume and spray thin for many times.


10. Why is it best to use primer as the base coat in paint and coating.


The primer is formulated for filling and leveling, has excellent filling and polishing properties, and has low cost,

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