What is Wet Sanding and Dry Sanding

Oct 27, 2022

In the process of using the car body, the car paint will inevitably have unpredictable paint film problems such as bumps and scratches, so it is inevitable that the car paint will be repaired. The car paint grinding treatment is the preparation work before repairing, which is divided into three types: manual grinding, wet grinding and dry grinding.


The advantages of wet grinding and dry grinding under the same construction conditions: no dust, less environmental pollution, more delicate grinding, and high grinding efficiency. For wet sanding, first soak water sandpaper in water for 30 minutes. If conditions permit, it is best to use relatively pure water such as deionized water to prevent impurities in the water from scratching the paint film. Place a sanding block on the sandpaper for the part with a slightly larger area, so that the sanding is smoother and avoids unevenness. During the sanding process, wipe the sanding slurry with a damp sponge while sanding, and provide a certain amount of water for sanding. After sanding, wipe the sanded surface clean with a damp sponge, then blow out the crevices and grooves with compressed air.


Dry sanding is often machine sanded due to the convenience of implementation. First use a 24# or 36# coarse grinding wheel to break the outer surface coating; then use a 50# grinding wheel to eliminate scratches on the steel plate; finally, use a 100~120# grinding wheel to polish it. This sequence of operations can improve the grinding efficiency and reduce the filling and leveling workload. Bottom sanding generally requires a lot of work, and a sander is often used for large-area sanding to treat old paint on flat surfaces and areas with small curvature. However, the dust content of dry grinding is high, and an exhaust device is required, and the operator needs to wear a breathing mask. Machine sanding can be done with an eccentric sander with sandpaper


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