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The role of car paint finish coating

Aug 15, 2022


As the outerwear of the car, the car paint coating mainly has the following functions:


1. Protective effect


From the main point of view, 90% of the car is made of steel. Without the protection of the paint coating, the life of the car will be greatly reduced. The coating film can protect the car from


corrosion. With the launch of new materials, the role of coating film protection is becoming more and more important, such as: scratch resistance, elasticity, pollution resistance, etc.



2. Decorative effect


The surface of the car is painted with various brightly colored paints, which looks elegant, bright and comfortable, giving people a beautiful feeling and showing the personality of the


vehicle. The plump paint film can also improve the grade of the car.



3. Identification


The color of the car paint can indicate the type and function of the car. For example, the postal car is green, the ambulance is generally white, and the fire truck is red.



If the application of automobile products is used as an example, the car paint surface is usually divided into three layers, and the different layers of paint also play their respective roles.


1. Primer layer


The primer is the third and deepest layer of the car paint surface, and the function of the paint surface is to protect the car and prevent the metal plate of the car from rusting. The color of


this kind of paint is relatively simple, usually black. , white, gray, but because the paint surface of this layer cannot be seen from the appearance, the color of the primer is not important, as


long as the anti-rust ability is strong, it is a good primer.


2. Color paint layer


The color paint layer is the core paint surface that determines the appearance of the car. It is attached to the middle coating to further strengthen the anti-corrosion protection of the car


body and display the hue. The various colors we see are displayed by the color paint layer; therefore, the paint is colorful, according to different Due to the key role of this coating, it is also


divided into different products, such as ordinary color paint, metallic paint, silver powder paint, pearl paint, etc.


3. Varnish layer


The varnish layer is attached to the color paint layer, and on top of the color paint, paint spraying is continued to further strengthen the anti-corrosion protection of the car body, and protect


the color paint layer from tiny scratches, making the color more translucent and slowing down the fading phenomenon. In addition to its protective effect, the paint also enhances the


appearance of the car.


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