Is varnish toxic?

Nov 01, 2022

Automotive varnish is a resin-solubilized transparent coating with resin as the main film-forming material. Automobile clear coat can not be called toxic or non-toxic, its main harmful substances come from solvents, generally benzene series, ketone series, ester series. The smell of varnish does not mean that it is toxic. The solvent content is high, but the odor is small and the harm is large; the resin content is high, the smell is large, but the harm is small. The solvent in the varnish will generally evaporate during the drying process of the paint film. Therefore, it is generally no problem for paint practitioners to take protective measures in the process of production and painting. Eating habits should eat more alkaline foods, such as fungus, pig red, kelp and other foods. Most importantly don't smoke. Check up once or twice a year.


Automotive varnishes are classified by variety: acrylic varnish, alkyd clear coat, nitro paint, phenolic paint, fluorocarbon clear coat, polyurethane clear coat, etc. The mainstream automotive refinish varnish in the market today is acrylic varnish.

Acrylic clear coat has a wide range of applicability. Compared with other types of varnishes, in addition to the film performance meeting the requirements of various aspects, it is more environmentally friendly and less harmful, so compared with alkyd and nitro , the price will be more expensive. When it comes to price, you get what you pay for. Expensive paint has better performance in all aspects, and the control of harmful substance content is stricter.

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