How to spray Clear Coat well?

Aug 02, 2022


1.What is Clear Coat?


Automobile Clear Coat is generally used in conjunction with one-component base paint. After spraying the base paint, then spray varnish, commonly known as overcoat varnish or varnish, to

provide protection and decorative effects for the base paint.


Clear Coat has properties such as high gloss and UV resistance.



2. What is the condition of Clear Coat with medium concentration and high concentration?


Due to the difference of Clear Coat resin and solid content, it can be divided into medium-concentration Clear Coat and high-concentration Clear Coat. The names of Clear Coat of different

manufacturers may be different, but they are all divided according to the solid content. The higher the concentration, the higher the price. The better the hardness, the better the

performance of all aspects of gloss.


(Note: The concentration is not the consistency of Clear Coat that everyone usually thinks, but the level of solid content.)


Different concentrations of Clear Coat need to be matched with the corresponding curing agent, that is, the medium concentration should be equipped with a medium concentration curing


agent, and the high concentration should be equipped with a high concentration curing agent.



3. What is the ratio of Hardener and thinner?


Most brands of Clear Coat and hardener ratio is 2:1, there are also 3:1 and 4:1, please strictly follow the manufacturer's requirements.



Thinner ratio: each brand is different, environmentally friendly Clear Coat usually does not add thinner or add a small amount of Thinner, usually the ratio is between 5% and 25%, please


strictly comply with the requirements of each brand.


To spray Clear Coat well, keep the following in mind:


Whether the car Clear Coat is sprayed well or not, the primer layer is the key. The primer layer is sprayed rough, uneven, and poorly dried. No matter how good the Clear Coat is sprayed, it is

a waste. After mixing according to the proportion of the manufacturer, the spraying of Clear Coat is generally 2~3 times.



For the first time, use semi-dry and wet spraying, do not spray too thick or bright, and spray the second time at an interval of about 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the ambient




The second time is wet spraying, the speed is slightly slow and the spraying effect looks thick and smooth, and the brightness is high. Check the flatness and fullness of the paint film. If you

feel that the brightness cannot be achieved, spray it a third time, and pay attention to the problem of sagging. High-concentration varnish is generally two times to achieve the effect.



In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to adjusting the distance, spray width and air pressure of the spray gun, which depends on different spray guns and methods.


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