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How to correct "bad hiding power of paint"?

Mar 04, 2023

"Poor paint hiding power" is also known as through color or bleeding.



The color paint cannot completely cover the color of the original paint surface, or the color of the old paint film or the color of the primer layer penetrates into the topcoat layer, changing the color of the topcoat. More bleeding occurs in red and yellow paint layers.





① The paint is precipitated. The topcoat is not stirred well after dilution, and the pigment is deposited at the bottom of the container, resulting in excessive resin content in the sprayed paint and lightening of the color.


② Wrong spraying technique. For example, each subsequent coat is not re-sprayed, resulting in striped paint or poor hiding.


③ Excessive thinner is used to make the paint coating very thin.


④The old paint layer or base coat contains pigments that can cause bleeding, so the old paint layer should be handled carefully, and a layer of isolation layer that can prevent bleeding can be sprayed.


Correction method:


  If there is slight bleeding, enough paint can be sprayed to cover it. For paint surfaces with severe bleeding, it should be sanded off and repainted.

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