How many layers of car paint

Oct 06, 2022

Generally, a new car is coated with a total of 4 layers of paint:


car paint layer


1. Electrophoretic paint layer: It should be mentioned here that there is a process of phosphating the sheet metal before the electrophoretic paint layer, mainly to form a layer of water-insoluble phosphating film on the surface of the sheet metal to protect the sheet metal and improve the Corrosive ability. Electrophoretic paint coating is to soak the entire body into the electric pool without dead corners rolling and soaking.


Electrophoretic paint layer


2. Primer coat layer: In fact, the primer coat layer is not directly applied after the electrophoretic paint layer. We all know that the chassis is the most vulnerable to corrosion in the entire car, and it is the most serious, so the chassis of the car will be coated with another layer of anti-corruption. Lacquer, double protection, i.e. "chassis armor". After that, the primer layer is applied to fill in some depressions and small flaws. As a separation layer between the color paint layer and the electrophoretic paint layer, it can improve the decoration of the color paint layer. Of course it has anti-corrosion effects.


car paint coating


3. Color paint layer: This layer is the display of car paint color, including plain paint and metallic paint (paint containing metal particles).


4. Varnish layer: Protect the color paint layer and increase the brightness. UV resistant and weather resistant.


The above is the paint layer of the original car paint. In addition to the color paint layer that does not need to be baked, the other three paint layers need to be baked. People call this coating process "four-coating and three-baking", and the baking temperature needs to reach above 170 °C. I heard that some car manufacturers now use "three coats and two bakes" to remove the primer layer of the middle coat. This auto coating process will greatly protect the environment and save energy.


Car paint refinishing is generally these 5 layers of paint, but the materials used are different. They are: epoxy primer layer, putty layer, (middle coat primer layer), color paint layer, varnish layer. Why do I put brackets on the primer layer in the middle, because some irregular ones will be replaced in order to save costs Into red and gray, or even omitted. Therefore, car paint repairs are cheap and no good (live). Living is not cheap.

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