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Do you notice small particles on the paint surface after painting?

Oct 11, 2022

Do you notice small particles on the paint surface after painting?


Due to the many processes of refinishing paint work, problems with the paint surface occur from time to time. After spraying the topcoat, sometimes it is found that the paint surface is not smooth and grainy. What is the matter with these foreign objects and dirty spots being wrapped in the paint film?




1.The base layer is not polished and smooth, and the dust, sand, etc. are not cleaned up.


2. The construction environment is poor, dust, sand and other debris are mixed into the paint, or dust falls after painting.


3. When the paint is prepared, the generated air bubbles should be applied without dispersing in the paint liquid, especially in cold weather, the phenomenon that the air bubbles cannot be dissipated is easy to occur, and the surface of the paint film will become rough after drying.


4. Improper use of thinner, poor solubility, can not completely dissolve the paint, causing particles.


5. Improper use of hardener, incompatibility with paint, causing particles.


6. The paint has not been effectively filtered before spraying.Tips and preventive measures to solve the paint film particles generated after painting:


1.Keep the spray environment clean.


2. The paint should be properly sealed and stored. Before spraying, the paint should be fully stirred and filtered before use.


3. The unevenness of the base layer should be filled with putty, then smoothed with sandpaper, wiped off the dust and then sprayed with paint.


4. Use the matching thinner and hardener.


5. If there are dust spots, sand until the surface is smooth before recoating. For minor dust spots, fine sandpaper should be used and polished.


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