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Differences in car paint color Tinters: 1k color Tinters and 2k color Tinters

Aug 30, 2022

The main characteristics of the performance of automotive paint: good film fullness, high gloss, high hardness, good adhesion,

paint film has excellent

mechanical properties, excellent gloss retention, weather resistance, wear resistance, good Acid resistance, alkali resistance,

alcohol resistance, gasoline



Car paint includes  1k color Tinters and 2k color Tinters, so what is the difference?


What is 1k color Tinters?


1k color Tinters refers to a single-component color Tinters, which relies on the volatilization of the solvent to cure and form a film.

A variety of basecoats are

available in solid, metallic and pearl effects. Our automotive refinish paint series include 1K solid color Tinters, 1K silver pink

Tinters, 1K pearl Tinters, 1K crystal

pearl Tinters, and 1K air-drying midway primer (also known as Sorex), which requires coating adhesion and weather resistance

Good performance, flat and

smooth, uniform and clear arrangement of silver powder or pearlescent, excellent gloss after overcoating with matching varnish.


What is 2k Tinters?


2K color Tinters refers to a two-component color Tinters, which is composed of a component A hardener and a component B

resin. When used, it

can be mixed in a certain proportion to produce a chemical reaction to achieve the effect of curing film formation and drying. Our

range of automotive refinish

paints includes 2K Solid Color Tinters, 2K Clearcoats, 2K Epoxy Primers and 2K Intermediate Primers. It has the characteristics

of high gloss, good leveling

performance, easy construction and strong covering, strong anti-fouling ability, bright color and excellent weather resistance.




The construction steps of 1k Tinters and 2k Tinters are slightly different:


The paint prepared with 1k color Tinters is used for the primer layer or the color paint layer, as the first process of the two-step

process of car paint repair. After

drying, it must be sprayed with 2K overcoat varnish to increase the brightness of the paint film and also enhance the durability of

the paint. That is, 1K paint +

thinner is evenly mixed and formulated, and then applied and sprayed.


However, automotive refinish paints formulated from 2k color Tinters can be applied directly without the need for a clear coat.

That is to say, 2K paint +

hardener+ thinner are mixed in a certain proportion and then directly applied.


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