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Can car refinish restore the original color of the car?

Feb 06, 2023

Can car refinish restore the original color of the car?

If the original car paint is damaged due to various problems, it is unrealistic to re-use the same materials as the original factory for repairing if you want to restore its nature and function, because the conditions of repairing construction and original factory construction are not the same Yes, but this can be achieved by using automotive refinish paint.


PS. Using high-quality car refinish paint can restore the original color of the car and ensure that the coating will last for a long time, while defective refinish paint is difficult to restore. Even if the color is temporarily consistent through color mixing and spraying, it is easy to appear loss of light and discoloration.



The common two-step repair coating operation is as follows:



1. Primer layer:


    Generally, a two-component epoxy primer is used, which has the functions of antirust and filling, and at the same time ensures the adhesion of the entire repair coating to the substrate.

2. Putty layer:


   Putty is used to restore the flatness of the coating and make up for the lack of sheet metal. Putties commonly used in automotive refinish paint systems are: unsaturated polyester putty (atomic putty) and putty. The former is used for filling large areas, while the latter is mainly used for filling trachoma, pinholes, and sandpaper marks.

3. Medium coating:


  1. Two-component polyurethane intermediate coating primer: it has excellent filling and sealing properties, and the function after thorough drying is the same as that of the original factory intermediate coating.


  2. Gray primer (Soash primer): one-component intermediate paint, mainly used as a sanding indicator coating, such as fine sanding after scraping putty, but its filling and sealing properties are not as good as two-component polyurethane medium paint.

4. Base color layer:


   The most common base paint layer is metallic paint. Due to the limitation of construction conditions, a resin system different from that of the original factory is selected to meet the requirements of low-temperature baking or natural drying at room temperature, and the selection of pigments should be as close as possible to the original factory. Stay consistent for color accuracy and long-lasting color retention.


5.Varnish layer:


   The most common type of varnish layer is two-component polyurethane varnish. The high-quality varnish baked at low temperature can fully achieve the same performance index as the original varnish.

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