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Automotive Paint: Causes and Preventive Measures for Lack of Gloss in Paint

Aug 23, 2022

In the process of repairing car paint, sometimes there is a phenomenon that the paint film is full of luster before

drying, but the luster gradually fades after drying or the next day. What is

usually caused by this phenomenon? Guangzhou automotive paint coating manufacturers and everyone briefly

analyze the reasons as follows:

1. The adhesion of the primer is poor, or the primer is not fully cured and the topcoat is sprayed on it;

2. The ratio of paint mixing is not correct, such as insufficient curing agent, or too much thinner;

3. The quality of the thinner or curing agent used in the paint is too poor, or an unsuitable product is used;

4. Improper spraying method;

5. If the temperature is too high or too low, the drying speed is too slow, the solvent evaporates and the vehicle

exhaust gas invades the surface of the paint film;

6. The surface of the paint film is not cleaned;

7. Use of strong cleaners on freshly applied paint, or premature polishing



For the above reasons, it is recommended to:

1. Use a qualified primer, and you need to wait for the primer to fully dry before applying the topcoat layer;

2. It is recommended to use the matching products of the same manufacturer, and the spraying effect will be


3. According to the technical description data ratio given by the manufacturer, mix and fully stir;

4. Use the correct spraying method;

5. Before spraying, it is necessary to thoroughly treat the base and the surface of the paint film to ensure that it is

clean, and dry the cleaner with a dry cloth;

6. Ensure that the environmental conditions meet the spraying requirements;

7. Do not use strong cleaners on the surface of the newly sprayed paint film, and do not polish until the paint film is

fully cured


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